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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Writing Sickly

I got a little something to get off my chest
Still looking to the right fuck the left
I breathe positivity 
What can I say
It's in me
That negative ish
It's beneath me
Self discovery is key
I forgive all my enemies
With a smile
Deuces up
This thing we call life is a gift
So breathe
Kids acting up and there's no father
Can't pay the bills
So far away from the next dollar
No transportation
The walks are getting longer
Trials and tribulations making life harder
Stress at the job and it wasn't apart of the offer
If the marriage is shaky
If the in-laws are flaky
If he/she seems fake
With a smile
Deuces up
No matter your circumstances
Speak into your life
What you want to transpire
Go after your dreams
Until you can't go no higher
I'll assume you will be your own boss
So do what you do
Spread your wings
Once in a while flip a finger
Tell a hater fuck you
No not seriously
That's against the positivity rules
Instead bless the person and pray for them too
See the thing about negativity
He's best friends with that bitch name Karma
And forever they will honor each other
Remember two is company
Three's a crowd
Who do you think will get kicked out
So just breathe

Copyright 2012

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