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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Terminated #2: The Responses By: Mz-AM & Jamil Mauney


(Shaking my head)Yeah I got your letter talking about you found better

That I am terminated dated today so back off the teller

It's no longer my job to put up with your nonsense and all

Too bad it’s no longer your job to place your hands and twist this knob

(Shaking my head)

I am going to miss that everything else

I am going to kiss that shit all the way goodbye to my past to burn and dieIf you had done the same then we probably we have had a chance to fly

But now I’ve resigned and screw them benefits I am on my severance design

Screaming you a queen and in need of a king that is worthy of the due

But you steady running with the pawns that is why my next move is without you

And your super July 4th attitudes so annoying and rude

I cannot stand it my flags down like a fallen troop

Girl more power to the new guy his degrees that help put up with your slack

I am terminated you are the terminator Schwarzenegger you will be the one coming back

In the meantime you out searching for a love that is better than mine

Yeah you are searching with a cause but the purpose decreases with timeI swear you are like a rose with thorns pretty but hard to hold

And searching for another me makes you a niner it’s like searching for gold


Ok so…You admit to the termination

So how did you resign?

Save those whack ass lines

I thought you was a man

Stop crying

Pause for a second

Let me analyze your rhyme

Off the teller you say

It’s cool sweetie

You never made a deposit anyway

Hence no reason for you to stay

Those insufficient fundsI could not tolerate

I hope the new boo has overdraft protection

By the looks of things you have not learned the lesson

However you got my blessing

Nonsense you say

It all made sense on payday

You never fussed or complained about a headache

I get it

You are mad

Because you reference

It’s no longer my job

To place my hands and twist the knob

It was charity

I get off on helping the unfortunate

I prefer a grown man sausage

Not a little boy linkWink

You are going miss it you say

But in the same sentence you state

I will kiss that shit all the way goodbye to my past to burn and die

Now that is the reason why your benefits will be deniedStop the lies

How dare you challenge my crown?Let’s be clearIt was your lack of job duties

Incapable responsibilities

Which result to your discharge

Now let me get this right

The last person I dated was you

You’re calling yourself a pawn

Whelp that says it all

Now I see why you’re concerned about my new boo

I understand the king’s package doesn't suit you

I am hoping now you get it too

All the foolery is unnecessary dude Just let it go

I will encourage your next move

Accept the fact we’re through

My super July 4th attitude so annoying and rude you say

I was always told a real man understands when to walk away

As I recall it turned you on when Ms. Feisty came out to play

I will take degrees over fees any day

I will be coming back?

Sweetie get off that crack

We both know I don’t believe in the searching technique

As I recall you chased me 

Because I know you’re hurt

I shall excuse that last statement

However for the record I dismissed you

Get a clue dude

Well I guess it all said and done I do not mean to be rude

But I have another employee to attend too

Good luck on your next job

Try not to get terminated again

Copyright 2012

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