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Monday, March 12, 2012


She never had a chance at celibacy
Her virginity was taken by parental privacy
He was not her biological father
For some reason little girls incise his curiosity
Therefore he was the cause of her first internal monstrosity
She chose to give her virginity at 13

It was something about those green eyes and light skin
That made her give in
Her mate was 18 pure mockery
She was only 13
No matter the curves, personality, or how thick the booty
She was only 13
Never taught the true meaning of sex
For her it was simply feeding the flesh
If her pussy got wet
And a mate was on deck
From her knowledge
Sex is what came next
Without her knowing
Before he could get pass those knees
Her feelings for him had to agree
With her pussy
She was not the fast type
However never trained right
Which result to self inflicted fights
Ungodly soul ties
Self-esteem verse pride
Until one day
Her friend explained
Love equals God
God equals Love
No satisfaction of the flesh would compare
To neither above
She took heed
For some reason the flesh always lead
Her strength and knowledge were still weak
Not knowing her soul was aching of deceit
Because she allowed two men to control her navigation
With depression
Years begin swift away
Life begin to show its face
All form of expressions
Such as struggle
Finally the big day
She found true love
For some reason that was not good enough
Her soul was still missing an important piece
No matter how hard she tried
She could not put the puzzle together
And just like the others he disappointed her
To make matters worst
She was raped by his friend
He was never told
She just brushed it off and let it go
She convinced herself
Its best for no one to know
After a while pain becomes your best friend
From that point no relationship she entered
Was the same again
For years she would not dare to date
Perhaps when need be
She would fornicate
But then she realized it was a waste of space
Not knowing her soul was aching of deceit
Because she allowed three men to control her navigation
With depression
She still chose not to date
Years begin swift away
Life begin to show its face
All form of expressions
Such as Faith
God mercy and grace
God covenant and race
God happiness for her life
God words
God fight
Now she is ready to date
In her heart a relationship would be great
However she would rather take it slow
Become friends
Hopefully then mates
If its Gods will
A relationship will take its place
The most important factor
Her mate will have to understand
That she has took a vow before GOD
Celibacy is her new plan 

Copyright 2012


  1. so many young girls today are not taught enough about sex or God....this is a great piece

  2. Raw truth. Unfortunately that violation runs rampant. It's really sad to hear so many of these horror stories. People become immune. A piece like this, brings an awarness to the deep psychological scars. Your blessed with clarity and great insight.

  3. @Angel Thank you...I pray that this poem saves at least one soul.


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