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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Missing You

Its the power of commitment
That makes me lose my mind
Craving the look in your eyes
While you fall in love with me
Over and over again
Damn boo
I'm missing you
A piece of me is missing while your gone
I reminisce on moments of intimacy
When are heartbeats came together like a melody
So sweet
When you made love to me
I could feel each instrument playing in my...pussy
The violin
The piano
The louder the pitch
The more I embrace your...dick
I'm missing you
Confront is a level of stability
When I'm with you
I'm balanced
Willing to take on any obstacles
Damn boo
I'm missing you
Its your intellect
That makes me penetrate thoughts of dialogue
Concentrate on fact
Fuck fiction
Your diction
Words of choice
Has me quenching
Damn boo
I'm missing you
I know its temporary
But it seems like last February
When your gone from me
My heart spins like 360
Leaving me anticipating your arrival
Damn boo
I'm missing you
Different from the rest
Unusual however best kept
A quarter pass two in the A.M.
No lottery
Its guaranteed
The conversation is legit
More so predictable
You got my physical and mental
Memorize like my vibrator speed
When I'm away from you
Yes its my replacement
I wouldn't dare share
Not even a piece of this pie
Its all yours
Damn boo
I'm missing you

Copyright 2011 

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