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Monday, November 7, 2011

F**k You I’m Me #3 - Looking A$$ B!tches

I promise I try to be a lady                                
When dealing with bull sh!t
But it’s always that simple b!tch
Wondering what I’m doing
Keeping tabs on my clit
When she need to be
Worried about her  šŸ†
And how he's fantasizing
About licking between my lips
Now don’t get me wrong
I’m not that type of chick
Trust what I got its legit
So she says
Who am I to say
F**k You I’m ME
Who am I not to care
What others think
I can’t defend you BOO BOO
I can only protect C
I can only be me
I can only build my LEGACY
I can only live my DREAMS
And what HE has for ME
Is for ME
So when I say Fuck You I’m ME
Please understand that's served with
Two middle fingers
Straight up
With a vicious MUG        
Yea I know
You feel the rage in your GUTS (YOU MAD)
How many times must I say
Miss me with that drama
How many times must I introduce you to karma
How many times must I rearrange your face in the MOST POLITE way
Straight smile
No denial
I was born this way
Illiest and the realist
Diva in these streets
Never compete
I just do me
Negative free
F**k you I’m Me
Now here are some pro’s about me
Like a Lion
I will devour any person that tries to harm me or my family
If you read “The Steakhouse” Poem
You know how I love my MEAT
I protect my friends
Like my unborn seed
So if you decide to cross me
You will spend a lifetime paying fees
Because what you ONCE had
Will NEVER be
Envy my Crown Certified tendencies
From head to feet
Credit my accomplishments
Plus the DRIVE in me
Gain the knowledge of a true QUEEN
What I SAY is what I MEAN
F**k You I’m ME
Here are some cons about me
Yo Hating Ass is my MOTIVATION
So I keep you around for moments of uncertainty
Knowing your guaranteed Hating Ass
Will stroke my ego
Better than your man stroking yo a$$hole
Damn we both bold huh
I’ll smile
Be cordial
Converse a little
What can I say
I’m a Queen
I handle each situation accordingly
Apparently you’re holding down
That Fake Hating Ass position well
Here are some tips
If you desire to f**k with a REAL WOMEN
Leave the bullshit aside
Let down your pride
Open up and experience THE WOMEN INSIDE
Of you
Just maybe
You will no longer
Be A Fake Hating A$$ B!tch
Living through my eyes
My ideas
My aspirations
My life
Do us both a favor
Get a LIFE of your own
F**k you I’m ME

Copyright 2011

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