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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Analytical Muse #9 - Pretty

Pretty is not always Pretty                                     
She as a youngster never like pretty
It was associated with to much girly shit
She wanted to do what the boys did
Be in nature if you will
Play with sticks, rocks and mud pies
Jump fences and played ni$$a knock
Ran fast as hell 
When the ni$$a came outside
Happy as Fuck it was a baseball bat
Not a knife or gun
They actually knew they were kids
Just trying to have fun
Life was so real 
You felt every feel
To be honest not being pretty 
Was a fucking good meal
Lights on 
No longer living in the dark
Gas on 
Warm up those hotdogs and beans in the pot
Water on
Wash your ass, wash the clothes and wash those covers
Don't forget to wash the sheets
Please believe mommy dearest
Will check and see
Pretty is not always Pretty 
She as a older youngster
Survival mode was definitely the priority
Aware of her surroundings
But no one expected it from her
Spoke when only spoken too
Ms. Simba with an edge yet attitude
With a mouth piece you can't believe
It's a trillion dollar PEACE 
It's worthy 
It's expensive
It's out of your League
She young Ass Fuck
How The Fuck does she lead 
Simple minded individuals
Don't understand 
God came to her when she was a seed
She has a gift to manifest everything that she needs
No matter the situation
The fight in her will proceed
No matter the adversity 
Perseverance is the air she breathes
Pretty is not always Pretty
She as a young adult 
Pretty felt ugly 
Inside and out 
Trying to figure out 
The meaning for the clout
Who's telling the truth
Y'all some fucking liars
All she can see is mixed up wires
All she can hear is flat fucking tires
Hit the snooze button it's time to reset
Who is She
No time for regrets
Get to the bottom line
Math never disrespect
Proving facts is the set
Breaking down the problem
The equation you'll get 
A negative times a negative 
Equals a positive
DNA is a certified trick
Pretty is not always Pretty
She as an adult
Pretty is complicated
No matter how you see it
It's comes with trails and tribulations
Just like the being 
We are all human
Fuck what you thinking 
Don't call her pretty
Call her beautiful
Believe it or not 
It's actually not that difficult 
Pretty is a trigger 
Because it's host the most pain
Pretty is the daily standard
It's apart of the game
Pretty comes with a price
She's not trying to pay
Pretty roll dice
She don't have the risk to play
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
That's a factual statement
Roll that shit up 
Smoke it
She'll keep it updated 
Pretty is not always Pretty 
Just look at these babies
Twerking that ass
Pretty ass gets them rated 
Only fans 
Fuck the fans out
It's a screen ungated
Bring on the spam
The plastic unrated
Give it a good two years
That shit becomes faded
What happened to natural beauty
These bitches are lazy 
You get what you pay for
Fucking somebody's  granddaddy is crazy
Money is the root of all evil
Sooner than later
Those demons becomes shady
Pretty is not always pretty 
But I'll pray for you ladies

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