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Monday, July 3, 2023

Analytical Muse #7 - Rock Bottom

You'll never see it coming                                         
It's like a flash before your eyes
It's like staying awake to see the sunrise
It's like a sneak punch from the back
It's like finding out your mother smokes crack
It's like opening the fridge and nothing is there
It's like having hundreds of friends
Now no one is there
It's like wishing for another life
Fuck the positive shit
You're ready to fight
It's like the bills past due
Due to Covid-19
We all know 
It was apart of the agenda
What the fuck do you mean
Lets be CLEAR
Common sense is FREE
Stupidity will COST you everything
It's like having a third eye
When the SUN don't shine
But when it does
You're equally yoked
At the same time
One would say
It's a divine vibe
It's like hearing a long cry
From a torturous crime
You'll cry for a moment
But you'll never forget 
Apart of you has died 
It's like preparing for your death
Because you know you'll live a longer life
It's like your feelings are trapped in a deck of 52 cards
What's played is the number that was gave 
It's like 50/50 is the game that we play
Winner or loser only God can provide the fate
But when it's all said and done
Being saved
Highly favored 
With God's Mercy and Grace
Rock bottom is what you make it
Acknowledgement and Accountability is the statement
No one can keep you there but you
No one can understand your truth like you do
No one can conquer your challenges
You must live and believe in God's promise
You must endure self-love beyond dimensions
You must accept and appreciate God's blessings
You must understand the lessons and gifts
You must become strong within the midst
You must separate emotions from mentality
You must understand life is not a policy
You must continuously learn how to grow and become wise 
If you don't Rock Bottom will be your demise

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