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Monday, May 2, 2022

Analytical l Muse #2 - Hello Gorgeous

His “Hello Gorgeous                                    
Covered with lies
His deceit was so deep
I got butterflies
Undercover thoughts
He utilized
Suffer from depression
You can see the beast
In his eyes
He was hungry
Ready to eat
Bowlegs keep him
In his seatHe tried to feed
I blocked it
With ease
He didn't realize
Only I can prepare
The feast
I select
The meat
I decide
What we eat
Who beat
The scrambled eggs with cheese
Fried Sausage on the side
I decide who going to ride
Rock with me for life
I plant the seed
I get rid of the weeds
I re-pot the roots
I take the stand
I spit the truth
Never plead the 5th
With my right hand
I delegate
I felicitate
I organize
I penetrate
Any thoughts I want
Or not want to manifest
Get on my daily digest
Understand a women's progress
Don't do ish
That makes her digress
Try less
Ignore the rest
Hello Gorgeous 

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