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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The World We Live In: Switch #2

This is for
The humans
The humane
No matter the color
I need to explain
More like educate
More like get this sh!t
Off my breast
So I can
Get to the next bar
Get to the next cause
Pass my potential
Get to the next law
Get to the next grind
Get to the next hustle
Get to the next change
Get to the next shovel
We can switch some shit
Have different experiences
But at the end of the day
The pain is the same
Pain doesn’t discriminate
If not treated or resolved
The switch is the root
Of it all
Let me explain
How the chips fall
For example:
 If I came into your environment
My skin painted white
It’s obvious
I’m not white
I’m pretty sure
You would have a problem with that
Want to lynch a b!tch
White supremacy
Loves that old school sh!t
Taught shit
Get that ni$$er b!tch
Roped by the neck
More perhaps drag a b!tch
Roped by the ankles and hands
Body tortured
For miles
Tasting the dirt and derby
While the mental recite and perform
The funeral and obituary
The mouth screams
Cries from the eyes
Tears drip
Back into the mouth
The mouth ripped apart
For miles
The body ripped apart
Pieces of flesh
Spread out on the ground
While dragged
For miles
Before being buried
If I were to wash off
The paint on my skin
You’ll be surprised my complexion
Is closer to you
Than my own kin
Per the season
My complexion can change
Thus how the sunshine’s
The spectrum
My skin produce melanin
It’s called pigmentation
You don’t give a f**k
One drop ruling
Was a part of the agenda
To get the bucks
To get the bucks
Sexual exploitation
To get the bucks
To get the bucks
To keep the bucks
The term biracial is genocide
The term still not accepted
Nor recognized
To keep the bucks
You know what
You’re doing
Sit down
No more excuses
Stand up or shut the f**k up
Whichever you prefer
You going to sit here
Take heed
Listen and GIVE A F**K
For the first time
In life
Think for yourself
Switch the race
Switch the face
Switch the skin
Switch the Situation
Switch the system
Switch the hate
Switch the money
Switch the privilege
Switch the war
Switch the peace
Switch the mind
Switch the f**king VOTE! 

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