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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Dear Crush - Sunday Mornings #4

I love him like                                                                         
Early Sunday mornings
Scrambled eggs
Grits and cheese
Liver mush
Bacon on the side
Right next to it
Oatmeal and fat back
Oh Ish
Let me not forget
The homemade pancakes
Dripping from every side
With strawberries and whip cream
Oh the bananas
Makes it oh so right
Who asked for
Those links
Looking burnt and fried
I believe my appetite is serving me right
I love him like
Early Sunday mornings
Per the season
It's bright
The sun is shining at rise
He awake with a smile
That sets my soul on fire
Before breakfast
I’m blessed with exercise
As he provides my ultimate desires
I’m pleased until the next feed
I love him like
Early Sunday mornings
Laundry due
While I separate our clothing
He plays music to set the mode
While he dance to the melodies
I’m walking to the washer machine
As I put the clothes in the washer machine
His dick slides into my pussy
Now I’m throwing that pussy back
His 🍆 is glued to the pu$$y
I love him like
Mid Sunday Mornings
It’s time to go to church
Get that word
Repent for our sins
Just to do it all over again
Yes its fornication
No sin is bigger than the other
That's why we repent
Never pretend
We're not perfect
Just a work in progress
In the process
After the service
We talked about a thing or two
How we can grow better together
In our spirits and not do what we do
But if we're going to do what we do
We know the result equals
In marriage one plus one equals two
Then I wake up from my dream
The results are the same
My truth remains
I rather save myself for marriage
Then fuck you
Therefore early Sunday morning
I can fuck
The hell out of you
Without my spirituality being on the line
Paying for my sins
Blessing you
Because you're my Dear Crush #2

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