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Sunday, September 29, 2019

T.O.C. #10 FINALE - When They See Me ( Ciera vs. Mz-AM)

She stands 5'3                                               
Unknown father
Loopholes in the family
No telling what they BELIEVE
When they THINK of me
She's feisty
Her personality is bold
Her voice is gold
No telling what they HEAR
When they LISTEN to me
She's a chameleon
Her beauty is undefinedHer words are camouflage
She's one of a kind
No telling what they SEE
When they LOOK at me
She's powerful
Oh so magical
Third eye genius 
Humble spirit
With the madness
No telling what they FEEL
When AROUND me

She’s gifted
Oh so lifted
Life is promised
God is her father
She keeps it honest
That’s why the fake is bothered
No telling why they HATE
When NOT around me

She’s oh so sweet
Heart of souls
Giving is what she knows
Now the leeches know
They feed like
Addicted hoes
She demolish when
Shit gets old
Shit gets real
When she doesn’t fold
They fold
When she says no
They get ghost
No alert
No text
No call
No email
No show
No telling the NEXT communication
When they WANT something from me

She nice
Lyrically with the words
Literally by the herds
Queen Latifah & Lauren Hill
She learned
By birth
Naughty by Nature
Her resistance he favors
It’s Jersey Ish
It’s all about code
Your word should be your bond
Your bond should be your word
If you can say that shit once
You can say that shit twice
No telling why my TALENT OFFENDS thee
When they can’t CONFRONT me

The sensitivity level
Is unreal
When you bark
She chill
When you speak
She keeps it real
When you need support
She got your back
When you f**k up
She picks up your slack
When you take advantage
She gives that shit back
With interest
Its business
No longer personal
Services render
No tax
Write it off
She believes in giving back
Karma has its own
Agenda at task
No telling who has a PROBLEM
With me
Really a PROBLEM
When the REAL is ME

She’s family oriented
Let’s face it
The Lioness protects
The King and the cubs
Fuck what you heard
Anyone that’s family
Is protected by the Queen
By the word
By the love
By the respect
By what’s told
Per she
No telling why they get MAD at me
When by all means NECESSARY

She’s a lover
Like under the cover
Not undercover
More like she will cover
F**k the hell out of her lover
Make sure he discover
She covers it all
Sexy has never been a flaw
Seduction free at charge
She surrenders
Take me at large
I give my heart, soul, existent, and all
Submission is key
Until you’re disbarred
No telling why they FEAR me
By the means of SECRECY 
They KEEP from me

Now she’s weak
No pulse
2.5 seconds
She breathes again
3.5 seconds
She sees again
4.5 seconds
She speaks again
5.5 seconds
She hears again
6.5 seconds
7.5 seconds
She believes again
8.5 seconds
She reconnected with him
9.5 second
She put herself first
10 seconds
The Queen has conquered
The Thirst
The temporary defeat
She got 50 seconds
To decide
Do we RIDE
Do we EAT
It’s Love and Hate
When it’s up to “C”
Mz-AM can’t help you
When “C” acknowledges thee  
No telling why they envy me
When I’m just like them
They’re just like me
No need to envy
I’m just a lil jerz chick
Trying to make it in these streets

She’s a professional
She’s analytical
In any profession
She’s the go to
Her work ethic is a wide range
Employers are amazed
Quick to hire her
Quick to benefit
Without proper pay
Quick to fire her
Without a reason
Unemployment can pay
What they continue to say
Requirements met
She exceeds ALL expectations
But the pay is a disgrace
It should be an honor to have her
In your grace
That’s why the resume
Was reviewed on that day
Then offered an interview
The same day
Accepted the job
The same day
Started the job
The same day
I call this a good day
No telling why their THREATENED by me
When she can get a JOB in one day
She’s a LEO
L – Leader
E – Entrepreneur
O - Observer
Even in her weakest moments
When she stops
She grows
When she stops
She glows
When she stops
She’s proceeding to the next goal
When she stops
God told her it’s time for the next load
When she stops
The completion to her mission is coming close
When she stops
Her purpose unfolds
When she stops
Her mind takes control
When she stops
Balance is what she earns
When she stops
Lessons are learned
When she stops
Knowledge she yearns
When she stops
Forgiveness she let sage burns
When she stops
Her mental is the throne
When she stops
Fuck what you heard
Mz-AM is here to provide you these WORDS
When they see ME
They see what they BELIEVE
No factual information
Just what they SEE
It’s a peeve for she and me
Please understand
No matter WHAT
Will never DEFINE she or me
No more translation needed...

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