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Friday, September 13, 2019

T.O.C. #9 - God vs. Pills

I got different types  
Of side effects
What you may think
You may regret
When you think I'm weak
I take off heads
Like chemistry
It's my oath
No deceiving thee
No sympathy
It's not necessary
I'm majesty
The trails & tribulations come consistently
The Queen in me
Repeatedly kill the beast
I'm a warrior
The demons are afraid of me
I solve the problems
No problems with me
The jealousy
Is beneath me
When it comes to this market
It's currency
Can't you see Queens
Can't you see Kings
Can't you see all of this is necessary
I fight hard
I fight against bars
I fight for the cause
My strength comes from God
Lioness at heart
I'll devour
Then applaud
The devil didn't
Rip me apart
The power of the soul
My ancestors told
You ain't bold
Your secrets been sold
God or pills
You decide

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