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Sunday, April 14, 2019

T.O.C. #3 - Competition

Tick Tock    
Tick Tock
What the f**k
Is wrong with your clock
You fear me
But I don't fear you
This is a competition
But it’s all you
You bleeding Gray
I bleed red
I’m straight direct to that head
No discrimination
I speak bread
No intimidation 
I'm that kid
Welcome all
Pick up those that fall
Prevent injustice by all cause
I save the race
You escape
I encourage those
That you delay
I gather the pieces
You break
I save the lives
That you take
I give birth to the manifestations
That you can't sake
I’m the lesson
That you can’t fake
The fact of the matter
I’m one of the realist persons
God has ever made
Competition no
I guess so
Please take heed
To this flow
You can't speak facts
So yes
Your whack
The digits
Per calculations
Doesn’t add up
Its a must
I Tax
Service rendered
Write off
Give back
No competition
Unconditional love
I never lack
Its statistical facts
Your competing with yourself
This is a lyrical attack
Your shade
I’m the Sun
You run havoc
I overcome
Your weak
My strength
Comes from the Son
You belittle
I uplift
You give birth
I raise kids
I’m the sugar
You’re the salt
I promote light
You promote dark
I’m a story
You’re not thought
I am the meat
Served straight raw
I am creed
God is my coach
No need for greed
I gets busy
Go ahead
Submit your plead
Dismal at the first sight
No hate in these streets
True leaders lead by love
I’m the Queen
You’re the peasant
I don't compete
Know your place
So this doesn’t happen
Remember I asked nicely

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