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Saturday, May 11, 2019

T.O.C. #4 - You Wanna F**k?

Tic Toc
Tic Toc
So you wanna f**k   
You've been wanting
To f**k for so long
I wouldn't be surprised
If that nut comes early
So why you wanna f**k
Is my natural thought
While you explain to me
Your every moment of
How you can
F**k the hell out of me
My mind is screaming
Hell no you will never
Touch of thee
Ni$$a not in these streets
Please spare me
For one moment
Did you ever think
I don’t want to f**k you
Did you ever think
I'm not attracted to you
Did you ever think
I have standards
Did you ever think
To yourself
Why do "I" want to f**k?
I can tell you
It’s not the size of my a$$
I lost that a longtime ago
No worries
A couple of squats
That booty be back and round tho
I can tell you
I've never been a hoe
Slut, side chick, or rebound
I'm a Lioness
I select my meat
Precisely and carefully
I devour the beef
I can tell you
I don't have children
Never been married
Yes twice
Did you ever think
Sex is a bonus
No discount in sight
You can’t afford the price
What women want more
Is beyond a sexual explore
A man worthy of her temple
Understand intimacy
Is not a scavenger hunt
🍆 is not a blunt
You can't smoke it
Then be done
Did you ever think
She’s out of your league
Let’s be truthful
You’re simply not ready
Meanwhile you’re portraying a false King
Did you ever think
She’s waiting on God
He always provide
The truth from the phony
Her mate will be the one and only
Did you ever think
You never thought
You’re a selfish plot
F**ked up story
Waiting for the next shot
But you wanna f**k
No goals
Like nigga what the f**k
It’s 2019
No women is checking for a ni$$a
That’s not worth his own means
Ni$$a please
Ni$$a please
I need you to wake up
Not bake
For those that don’t bake
Wake up for god’s sake
See with the frame
Of your mind
The foundation
Of your thoughts
There is no way you're
Seeking a Queen
That’s Worthy of her Crown
If you did
You wouldn’t just want to f**k
You would want to love me
Protect me
Support me
Have my back 
Ride for me
No explaining thee
It’s real in these streets
If we did f**k
It would be my mind
You penetrate first
My body last
The fact of the matter
You’ll NEVER tap this A$$!

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