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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

T.O.C. #2 - You Better Rock

Tick Tock   
Tick Tock
You better rock
Did you hear me
You better ROCK
Until the top of the hill
Until the cliff
Denounce the power
It steals
You are the higher being
Do you hear what I'm saying
You better ROCK
No matter the obstacle
Understand your power 
Know that its magical
Can't nobody devour
You better ROCK
Wear that Crown so proudly
The Queen and/or the King
Of your throne
Never let a soul demolish thee
You better ROCK
If need be
To the dungeon they see
40 days
40 nights
A lesson is a blessing
Real ish in these streets
You better ROCK
Self-esteem is a treat
Because everybody can’t eat
But thirsty for that drink
Hungry for that meat
Vegan is the BEST disease
Your body looking like a coca cola
On a Sunday evenING
You better ROCK
But what that mental do
Can you calculate an equation
That doesn't include you
Can you understand calculation
Is mathematical realist truth
You better ROCK
Can you divide
The even from the odds
Ego versus pride
Grown sh!t
Respect real sh!t
Put that bullsh!t
To the side pit
You better ROCK
What that real life do
When your back against the wall
Who do you call
My God
The witness of it all
You better ROCK
What that faith do
No waiver per the favor
My God is the maker
No amount of money
Is worth the paper
Never mistake her
Your face is the example
Of a make over
No time for old discovers
You better ROCK
When that pen gets mean
Ego goes green
Uproot real feelings
Understand what I mean
You better ROCK
The price is unseen
Priceless indeed
No matter the situation
I live by example
My words are supreme
You better ROCK
No matter the obstacle
That comes in between
Kings and Queens
You better ROCK
Do you hear me
Do you understand
You’re Crown Certified
In these streets
F**k you I’m ME
Mz-AM said thee
You better rock
Shut down ish
In 2.5 seconds that’s not worthy
You better Rock
Put yourself first
Never let a soul deter you from your worth
You better Rock
Work hard as fuck
Create your own bucks
Ownership is key
A side hustle
Constant cash flow
Invest in some green
You better Rock
Generational wealth
Is the main ingredient
Knowledge is power
The master to the recipe
Do you hear me
You better Rock
You better ROCK
Do you feel me

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