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Monday, March 28, 2016

Confidence #1 - False Confidence ft: Mz-AM & Mary K. Bella

First let’s start this off with the fake shit before we can converse about the real shit
Therefore you can discern about what real shit is-


So is it me or is it you,
Are you mad because I can do what I do
Or are you mad because you can't do what you do
Thus what I can do.
So please tell me how,
The problem isn’t you but it’s me? See that’s what I call false confidence
See that’s why I call false truth

So let me tell you why it’s you and not me.
I’ve already eaten the fruit of that unfortunate and painful tree
What that means is, you should place all your stock and beliefs into me.
YOU need to handle YOU accordingly
And by that I mean according to me
I place so much value into myself that reality is beneath me
And although you only asked for advice, and a shoulder to lean
You’re actually in a place where you need me to diagnose and treat thee


Is it because I'm unbothered
My feathers don't flock
I don't tick when you tock
I don't take what you got
I don't see what you hear
I don't tolerate what you fear
Respect is first
My gift is a curse
Sign sealed delivered
You rock with no verse
You can't converse
You're a peasant with no worth
Do I deserve yes
Do I prefer yes
Do I forgive yes
My heart is the realist
Never a tempt thee
Your face is my will-ly
I'll toss that shit like a Frisbee
Friends be
Obey your majesty
Off with your head
You're beneath thee
I'll stuff your shit
And keep it as a trophy
A reminder to you false confidence
Clueless bitches
To never fuck with me


Well when you really stop to think about it
You may not tick when I tock
You may not take what I got
You may not see what I hear
You may not tolerate what I fear
But what you do is confide in my energy
Look up to my inner me
Strive for my peace
Covet my beliefs
Reaching out to me as if to say I need thee
Yes you need me
Like the extension of your being
Like the rapture and the fleeting
Like the desert and the breezing
Yes the answer and the reasoning
You seek me like the 8th wonder
Soul economically weeping, you come to me to fund her,
Seek me- yes
Need me- yes
Believe me- yes
See I’m already in your head
The corroded artery cut
And you’ve undoubtedly bled
Now as you lie there, weak
Think about all the shit the Queen said.


Sooo you want me to sit in a corner and cry
Deny life like it's not a surprise
God saves me more-so you
That I don't murder that ass in 2.52
Less than three second
You’ll stop breathing
Ill cut out your tongue
Therefore you can't speak
Your words are like venom
You're a endanger spices
I must reminder myself constantly
I'm Queen Cee
Especially when attacked
With your Queen list deeds
I don't leave home without my queen seeds
Everywhere I go I drop them freely
No charge
No fee
Just blessing
Just a servant
I be
Just free
From the viruses and disease
That bull shit people breathe
No weed
No coke
It's not a joke
That false confidence shit
It makes heads spend
Rewind again
Reminisce on the fucked up shit
But will never state it
Can’t obey it
Can’t speak out loud about it
Confront it
Discuss it
Deal with it
Heal from it
Release from it
Become delivered from it
Move on from it
Grow from it
Must of all let the result be Confident

Mz-AM & Mary:
But see the difference between us and them
Is that you’re dealing with Real Queens with Real Confidence

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