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Monday, January 11, 2016

“Unusual Vulnerability” 10 - The Rules of the Jungle ft: Mz-AM & Mary K. Bella (Quench Unedited)

1. Do not fuck with the Queens and/or Kings, Period! Kings don’t do not allow your Queens to be fucked with, Queens do not allow your Kings to be tempted!

2. Never allow anyone to remove your crown through physical actions or verbal
 messages. Keep in tact your royal pride, and never let that crown side!
3. Respect is given and received, disrespectful peasants will be put in their seats,

4. Love unconditionally, no expectations! NO unnecessary additional conversations. Only
I love you for being true to me not because what you can do for me.

5. Family always comes first no matter the progression, recession, or deception. No
matter the test, trails, tribulations, hardship, or lies. In the jungle we always protect
our pride.

6. Never fear the battle however prepare for the war! But never approach the lion if
you’re not prepared for the lions roar! Never attempt a beast with an ant soul!

7. Never let a person eat crumbs off your plate who will allow you to starve!

8. Never let an opportunist penetrate your inner circle!

9. I give you an inch of my boundaries; you take a mile of my loyalty! Bitch you have
lost your damn mind!

10. Rock with the humble it will never lose value, even with no riches to give!

11. Never sleep! Your wages will be garnished, make sure there’s plenty in the

12. Ladies lack insecurities but yet secure your confidence. We’re all normal.

13. Speak up. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

14. Excuses are not justified just because you have an excuse. Responsibility for one’s
actions while providing a solution is justification therefore no longer an excuse.

15. Life is an examine, the grade you receive will be determined by your test scores in
different areas of life. What’s your GPA?

16. The path you’re given is on purpose, life is finding your purpose in order to bless
others. It’s about you but it’s not about you.

17. Never let the matters of your heart crack your face, metaphorically, emotionally,
physically or mentally.

18. Recognize that we all have separate stripes. Like fingerprints. Like DNA. No zebra
will share the same pattern. Which means, You are you and I am me. Why do you insist on
combining the two?

19. Don’t confuse “territorial” with “jealous”. It will never, ever be possible for a
person to be jealous over something that is their territory.

20. Ladies: U. N. I. T. Y! Point. Blank. Period!

Copyright 2016

New Series: “Unusual Vulnerability”  #10 - "The Rules of the Jungle ft: Mz-AM & Mary K. Bella ( Quench Unedited) " Title inspired by Johnathan Patterson  Written by: Mz-AM & Mary K. Bella via MzAM,LLC #CrownCertified #TitleInspiredPoems #SupportersAppreciation

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