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Sunday, February 22, 2015

#URL - Uncaged Royal Lioness #2

I am
What I am
I am
Who I be
Crown Certified
Driving all up
In these streets
Passing exits
Like a disease
Pump breaks

At ease
Increase speed
When need be
Pull off
If shit seems cheesy
Check the temperature
Real quick
Quit that shit
If it’s too breezy
Know the entire city
Reaching the destination is easy
No directions necessary
Misdirecting straight Foolery
Fuck the fuckery
No tolerance for ignorance
No time for ridiculousness
Talk my shit
Whenever I like
Back that shit up
The price is right
Slick with the lips
The tongue too serious
Words leave simple bitches delirious
Niggas feeling this
Missing pieces to the puzzle
Always curious
Looking for the difference
Within the difference
Inspired by the strongest
With a hidden weakness
Regardless of what happens
A go-getta is the deliverance
Many Sleep on
Then become sleepless
Many piss on
Then become piss bitches
Many feed on
Then become fed snitches
Many bleed on
Then become faithful leaches
For some shit they can’t sneak in
Not realizing they need a key for entry
Cast iron lock
Bullet proof block
Water resistant
Unbreakable entrance
Oh shit
The Lion’s uncaged
Beware Beware
A roar is sure to stage
For I am the Queen of Spades
The entire suit
Even when caged
I still break loose
Even in rage
I still break cool
My mother raised no fools
I am
Who I am
Fuck the rules
I create my own
Do’s and Don’ts
I only care about wills
Not won’t’s
I am
Who I be
This free writing is therapy

Copyright 2015

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