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Monday, February 16, 2015

#URL - Uncaged Royal Lioness #1

The hunter
The lioness
The straight shooter
The goddess
The bluntest
The realist
The dope dealer
Fuck drugs
Legitimate seller
Educated hustlers
Mentality isn’t worth the ruckus
So what the fuck is

The fuck is
Fuck a dumb ass nigga
Right along with a simple bitch
Translate some dumb shit
Into some smart shit
Create some real shit
Therefore it’s relevant
Fuck irrelevance
It’s not enough evidence
That will amount to bullshit
Game changer
Changes the game
Now facts are debatable
Mother fucker swerving
In different lanes
Trying to portray a claim
That was falsely claimed
The bullshit is back
Like a fire
Put it out
 For once and for all
Protocol is dismiss
I am as is
No regrets
No returns
No words
Just urns
As I murder
Replenish your soul
No sleepy time
I’m awake in the dark
I’m awake in the light
Tunnel vision is my excuse
For a vacation
Peripheral vision is my reason
For execution
Itemize deductions
As a conclusion
Never gave birth
But I can breed them

Copyright 2015

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