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Friday, January 14, 2022

Dear Dairy #3 - Wound People

Quick Message:    
Rock with me
Say you cut your hand
While cooking
It starts bleeding
You run the water over it
While applying pressure
Therefore it will stop
The bleeding
Once you’ve realizedThe bleeding has stopped
The pain has stopped
It’s just the open women
You apply
Peroxide and alcohol
To cleanse the wound
The wound is still open
Now cleansed
You apply a Band-Aid
To protect the wound
From infection
Several days go bye
The wound starts to heal
The skin begins to reconnect
Closing the wound
Day seven you take off the Band-Aid
The wound is completely healed
You’re relieved
Confident with a working hand
The message
Don’t waste your time
Re-opening old wounds
Healing is not just a process
It’s a purpose
The wound was healed for a reason
Think about it
Whatever it was
That put you in that situation
Caused you to heal
It’s due to the fact

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