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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The World We Live In: For Sell/Sale #3

I got him and her Jealousy for Sell/Sale! 
Get at Me! 
$20 per Shot! 
I got those Insecurity Pills for Sell/Sale! 
Get at Me! 
One for Five! 
Two for a Dime!
I got unresolved Trauma for Sell/Sale!
Get at Me!
$187 per POP!
I'll give you a Discount!
If you Kill!Your own Kind!
If you need some Bread!
I can provide you a Loan! 
Collateral is giving Head!
If it's more than $50!
I'll need you to Spread!
Your Legs!
If it's more than $100!
I'll need You!
To fuck him plus her Instead!
If it's more than $150!
I’ll need You!
To suck her pussy & his Dick!
As If! 
You've never been Feed!
If you need a G!
Let me Know!
I got more bitches & Ni$$as!
That can empty your Soul!
Full Clip!
Forceful Power!
The gauge!
Sold Separately!
Let's be clear!
Everything must Go!
Including your Mental!
Everything is for Sell/Sale!
No Options!
No Substitute!
No Rebates!
No Refund! 
Sold As Is!
As Stated!
Before you Come!
I'm selling Shit!
I'm also Buying!
How much is your Soul?
I can afford It!
How much is your family?
I can double It!
How much is your Children?
I can triple It!
How much is your WILL Power?
I can pay you for Life!
For it!
What you got on the Ticket!
I can see your eyes Crying!
Your heart can't deny It!
Your body Language!
Can't fight It! 
Your face is Disguising!
The Truth! 
The Real You!
Thus the Question!
What are you going to Do?
When you have nothing else to Sell/Sale?
You owe the devil Himself!
I wish someone would've taught You!
Everything isn't for Sell/Sale!
Especially your Body!
It’s your Temple!
That's sacred as Hell! 
Your mind!
That’s prison within Itself!
Your Soul!
That’s priceless no Bail!
Your Life!
Should never be the Tail!
Your Family!
Should never be the subject to Fail!
Kings and Queens!

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