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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ms. Cocky

I was having a conversation with this guy
No I’m not going to tell you his name
So don’t ask
As the night progressed
He made a comment
That caught my interest
In this particular comment
He stated “I think and/or thought you were cocky”
You seem cocky to me
Not only by what you say
But how you say it
And your demeanor
I thank God this wasn’t a date
It was just drinks
Some get to know you type ish
If it was a date I would’ve made sure
There was not another date
Taking place in the future
I’m not the one for judgement
Especially without a conversation
Thus I had to explain to him
In a very subtle way
How I felt
See this heart darling
Is not one to play with
The love I provide
Will have you creating me a playlist
This heart of mine
Is genuine real and true
I’ll have you sucking
My pussy starting at 11
Pass 2
A.M. that is
I can swallow
Your entire life
With my verbiage
No correction needed
I’ve learned this
No preparation
I’ve mastered it
No deliberation
I’ve earned it
Keep sucking
As I put this pu$$y
In reverse
I’ll make you eat
Every word
You rehearse
Drink this pu$$y juice
Until you fulfill
Your thirst
Never underestimate Queen’s
Confidence for cocky
I am that feisty
I’ll delivery in a 2.5 seconds piece
And still kiss your forehead
While telling you I forgive thee
Fuck the hell out of you
Then tell you to beep me
Message only
Now work those numbers
Like you work that tongue
The level of my greatness
Is always shown
The mystery of my soul
Is the one
That’s known
Now when I speak of pu$$y
It’s metaphorically speaking
Replace pu$$y with love
Then you’ll understand
My reason
What I can offer
Is top notch
Quality over quantity
Real life
Not the fake
Trying to be
A Queen B
The true Queen
Equally yoked
Like the promise seas


Ms. Cocky

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