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Sunday, December 6, 2015

“Unusual Vulnerability” #8 - Zero Tolerance

I have Zero Tolerance
For fuckery, foolery, and/or peasantry
Any type of shit that’s unnecessary
When I was a child
I acted as a child
I’m an adult
Thus I act like an adult
Anything in between
Will require
A shut the fuck up
I have Zero Tolerance
For inaccurate shit
Calculate my words
Equivalent to digits
Its simple mathematics
You’re either included in the equation
Or not
It’s either I fucks with you or I don’t
No I’m not mad or a bit angry
I simply have zero tolerance
For a lot of shit
It’s a new season
A new day
I try to
Turn the other cheek
Look the other way
Understand my worth is beyond
Stupid shit
So why give a shit
About the demons in disguise
Tricks that reveal lies
Jealously that sooner or later
Cut ties
I don’t have time
To feed a misguided pride
With self-esteem issues
That lack to improve the issue
But want to blame everyone
For their issue
I’ll provide some tissue
For that soft ass
While keeping it moving
I’ll bypass all ignorance
I’m resistant
However never delinquent
When it comes to the real shit
I don’t have time for one sided rhythms
Mixed with lies to cover the truth
When the truth is free
It doesn’t cost the soul anything
However simple mother fuckers
Still charging a fee
I have Zero Tolerance
For fuckery, foolery, and/or peasantry
In any type of form
My wisdom surpasses any age
As a number is just a number
Wisdom is priceless
It’s no denying this
How many ways
Can I express this?
Here’s a quick lesson
Negative shit
Zero Tolerance
Stupid shit
Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance
No common sense
Zero Tolerance
Petty shit
Zero Tolerance
Basic shit
Zero Tolerance
Fake shit
Zero Tolerance

Copyright 2015

New Series: “Unusual Vulnerability”  #8 - "Zero Tolerance " Title inspired by Ciera Young  Written by: Mz-AM via MzAMLLC #CrownCertified #TitleInspiredPoems #SupportersAppreciation

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