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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Social Media Rant #2

Lyrical Madness                                                              
Lipstick fashion
Lick the tongue
Across the teeth
Click click click
Flash flash flash
Look at the lips
IG records the pics
FB tracks the likes
Twitter retweet the words
Your mind is the course
Specially ordered to perfection
Grade A
Satisfaction guaranteed
Titles per feed
Deliberating wants
Subjects in need
Justified content
A metaphor
Is a short lived
A dedication is what’s
It’s the gift of game
Purchase the seed
Water it
Fertilize it
With that good shit
They don’t deserve it
Fuck it
Serve it
The bait is the trick
Hook them on some relatable substance
Something with sense
Worth the cents
Just enough to make a mental dent
Evaluation in process
Let them think on some shit
Utilize the updates
To keep up with the new waves
Notification links directly to page
All electronics robotically engaged
Profile displayed
I got your shit
It’s too late
The ear is worth the listen
The eye is worth the view
Why not make multiple
Sites to follow you

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