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Thursday, September 24, 2015


I never knew I could open my heart to someone so easy
I never questioned it
I embraced it
Some would say “She got mad walls, be ready to breakdown them mother fuckers”
Is it worth the challenge? Is it worth the cause?
Is she worth it, period? What’s her purpose?
Just a moment while I gather my thought
1. #FUIM
 2.   Never in your life
Get me fucked up
Consider this a slowly death
I could give two fucks
You can barely breathe
It feels like a hiccup
You can barely move
It feels like a stickup
Clearly you can’t see
Vision must be blurry
I got that clear eyes
So don’t worry
I got that realize
So don’t be sorry
I Notarize
So don’t try me
In my free time
I’m serious
I charge a fee
Legally it’s my duty
I swore to the bible
No freebies
No fraudulent activity
So please tell me
How did you get me fucked up?
Where was the left?
Did you try to go right?
Was I in attendance?
Did you try to fight?
Clearly not me
But those insecurities
The negative thoughts
The negative friends
The obvious lies
The demon within
Please tell me
How did you get me fucked up?
Was it the daily love?
The Gm’s or Gn’s text messages?
Was it the dinners?
I provided four nights a week
Was it the five nights a week
I fucked the hell out of you
Hell you went to sleep before me!
Was it the sweet kisses of security?
The trusted vulnerability
The non-tolerance of doubt
The Crown Certified confidence
The fact that I own my shit
I don’t play games or horse around
I don’t put up with simple bitch shit
Goals be popping
Failure never an option
Success is what I’m rocking
An empire is what I’m swallowing
I spit ISH just for the benefit
I be on my Queen-Ish!
How did you get me fucked up?
Don’t answer that question
No need
However take heed
I beat to the rhythm of my own drum
My drums consist of my lungs
I breathe in order to speak
I speak with feelings
I speak with facts
I speak with love
Never by mistake
I never participate in false hopes
Time wasted or irrelevant bullshit
I’m far from basic
If need be please deliberate
Collect those indefinite dollars and cents
Then pass go!
Get your mind right
Then return to sender
Hopefully the package will not be expired
Then you will not have to ask
Why did I get her fucked up?

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