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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Social Media Rant #1

Aggressive by nature                                                          
Pissed off
By default
Simple nigga shit
Fuck up my thoughts 
Castrating balls
With pussy involved
Demolishing all parties
Whom participated
In the cause
Sex is the weapon
So I'm going to utilize shit
I’m going to utilize that bitch 
Pimp C!
Here to the rescue
I’m tired of this shit
I’m going to demonstrate it
Trick a couple of sluts 
Just to bust of some nuts
Suck a couple of dicks 
To pay off some shit
Some keys 
For a fly ass whip
A fly ass weave
The start of a career
A place to live
Twerk that ass 
Baby twerk that ass
To pay off that ass
Anal penetration
The lifestyle
The profile
A false Queen
Indeed there are different
But when did the stature of Queen
Meant degrading
Her character
Hell the price Is your life
I'm sick of the shit
I'm so tired yo
I'm so tired of
That fake Ish
That breakage
That simple nigga
Pussy bitch
Dick shit
It's tasteless 
It’s waste less
The wish list
The bullshit
Its ridiculous
It's delicious
What the dish is
The tea is
Per the preference
It's restless
With no necessary purpose
No guesses
Just reckless
How the tongue
Is the present past and future
With no aspirations
Or goals
For a new future 
Fuck the past
The present is now
It’s alive
Sit your ass down
Put on some clothes
Twerk that mental
Go get a job
Stop being a hoe
Close your legs
That pussy ain't gold
Children are not meant
To be sold
Nor an increase
In your salary
For attention
A gallery
For self-destruction
A rally
For public construction
What are you going to do
When that pussy, tittys, and ass
Shrivels up
Dry up
Dead up
Pimp C!
Here to the rescue
Get your naked ass
Off social media

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