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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm Glad - Snack

Thank You
I'm glad I didn't let you utilize my heart
Like protocols
I'm already edited boo
There's no copy and pasting
No transition to place in
I am the introduction
The body
The end
The credits belong to me
Always guaranteed
The complete package
Lets be clear
I offered you a full course meal
You decided to have the snack instead
At which you left me with the rest
Where are you
How could you
Why would you
I'm full
Never thirsty
Your lost
My new dude's treasure
How clever
You thought playing games
Would last forever
Now you're sitting back
Calculating the snack calories
Was it worth it
Did that snack give you allergies
It's additive sweetie just a taste
Of what it could be
Let me get straight to the point
I'm glad I didn't fuck you
The way I wanted too
I'm glad I didn't suck your dick
As them hoes do
I'm glad the beast in me
Didn't turn into the beauty
I'm glad the freak in me
Knew you wasn't worthy of thee
So now you're left with snack memories
Snacks are temporary
A full course meal is provided daily
I'm glad I let you eat the box
I'm glad I got my rocks off
If the point is not clear baby
I'm glad I offered you a full course meal
And you decided to have the snack instead
Now the beauty and beast is equipped
To offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner
To a man who understands
The importance of a full course meal

Copyright 2013

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