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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You can’t break me!

Oops you're sorry
I know
Please try again
The actions you display
Can not affect my plans
Your hatred attitude toward me
Will always result in a WIN
You can’t stop my shine
It’s a gift from GOD
I’m blessed within
The mockery doesn't shock me
Motivation at its best
I will keep it clean
But let’s be clear
You can kiss my a$$
Please take note
You can’t break me
No matter how hard you try
Do you not realize?
I’m a blessing in disguise
Whether it’s temporary or long-term
I always serve a purpose
You will learn
You can’t break me
However you can try
Get in line
Continue to take turns
To be frank with you
I don’t mind letting that a$$ burn
No piss
No water
Will put out that fire
Please understand
I know the power of my tongue
In 2.5 second
I will eat, swallow, and devour
Any attempt you yearn
You cannot break a person
That has already been broken
My core has become immune
To any type of ignorant abuse
No recycling
You cannot reuse
I've spent years discovering
Confirming the truth
If you haven't got it by now
You are the weakest link
You lose
However the nice person in me 
Will pray for you too
Just keep in mind 
The negativity you speak or demonstrate
Will result back to you
You can't break me
I win
You lose
You can't break me
It’s your will do what you do
Just note this FACT
You can't break me
Consider this warning two!
Copyright 2012 

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