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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Steakhouse - Popular Poems

I need some meat
Not that 6oz they try to serve me at Outback
And it's overpriced
I'll take a ribeye
More like 16oz
Yea that's worth it
Perfect price
Don't give me a sirloin
I'll feel like
I've been cheated
You know
Too slim
Not thick enough
Its clearly a 5oz but your telling its a 10oz
The size overall
The satisfaction I'm requesting
By the look of things
Mission NOT completed
Give me what I need
I need some meat
A T-Bone
That premium grade A
Specially order to perfection
Immediately I say my blessings
At one glance
I'm quenching
Can't wait to bite inside of it
Lick it
Taste it
Hell I'll give you a bigger TIP
If it comes with sauce
Yes I smell it
I can't wait to murder it
As if it was my last meal
I'm starving
I need some meat
I love steak
I  like my meat medium rare
Juicy but tender
The flavor so good
You suck on the fat until its dry
That's the best part
Not caring about the calories
Mouth watery
Jaw grace the meat gently
Its vital to taste every ingredient
Have you guessing the seasoning
Thinking of new recipes
That will give you more pleasing
For  your taste bud
I need some meat
I love chicken
Just the options of legs, wings, breasts, and thighs
White or dark meat
Gets me energized
Pondering the different ways I can cook it
Deep fry it
Grill it
Boil it
Bake it
Or just simply served raw
I love fish
Sushi is my Shit
I need some meat
But ill rather have steak
Its addictive
I promise its the width
The length of the beef
Don't dare ask me to share
I'm 100% stingy
When it comes to my meat
However sir
Before you place my order
How big is your meat
Here at the Steakhouse

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