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Sunday, September 29, 2019

T.O.C. #10 FINALE - When They See Me ( Ciera vs. Mz-AM)

She stands 5'3                                               
Unknown father
Loopholes in the family
No telling what they BELIEVE
When they THINK of me
She's feisty
Her personality is bold
Her voice is gold
No telling what they HEAR
When they LISTEN to me
She's a chameleon
Her beauty is undefined

Friday, September 13, 2019

T.O.C. #9 - God vs. Pills

I got different types  
Of side effects
What you may think
You may regret
When you think I'm weak
I take off heads
Like chemistry
It's my oath
No deceiving thee
No sympathy
It's not necessary
I'm majesty
The trails & tribulations come consistently
The Queen in me

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

T.O.C. #8 - Patient Less

Topic of conversation                                                  
Hot topics is what I'm facing
Unknown deliberations
Unknown timely situations
I can't have a drink to myself
In no regards
Without being called a b!tch
Is this what we're doing in 2019
No play equals
The b!tch of the day
But if I retaliate
Mofos have big sh!t to say

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

T.O.C. #7 - Breakthrough

I call this the Breakthrough  
Because I broke through
Yeah it wasn’t
Sausage and gravity
More like
Salty and maybe’s
No and wavy
F**k you I’m Me
Pay Me
F**k me for FREE
Never baby
Work for change
Are you crazy
Conform to slave mentality
I ain’t lazy

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

T.O.C. #6 - B!tch Sh!t

Tic Toc
Tic Toc
I gave you my heart
You dissed it
I kept it moving
Now you piss-ED
Did you realize
Your side bitch wasn’t sh!t
You had a Queen
But you didn’t
Know how to handle it
I call THIS Bitch Sh!t
Because only a B!tch
Does THIS shit
I’m so tired
Of you weak Nig’s