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Monday, May 30, 2016

The Coffee – The Situation

1.       Randy & Christina:  The interesting married couple for three years. Randy is a Federal Agent for an undisclosed company. Christina is a lawyer for a prestigious Law Firm and they’ve been married for three years with one son (2 years old). Christina works a lot and Randy as well. However Randy makes more time for the family than Christina. They both have an interesting open marriage with restrictions. 

The Coffee - Meet The Cast

The Coffee – The latest Poetry series exposes the life of daily average Joe’s and their personal journeys. Their trials, tribulations, lessons and blessings combined with twist and turns that will surprise you.  It’s a fact to never judge a book by its cover and this cast of adults will prove just that! Buckle your seat belts and let ride!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Confidence #3 - Friends Cleansing

It’s cleaning time
Friendless time
Rewind the clock
Just to move forward
Mute all mouths
Silence the noise
Cut off lines
Destroy the phone killers
Hijack the emailers
Break all computers
Make examples of the finger dealers
Auto message
The voice mailers
No reply

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Confidence #2 - Dear Potential Queens & Kings

 I’ve always been the type
To keep it one million
I’ve always been the type
To say what I’m feeling
I’ve always been the type
To spit straight facts
The peasant sitting back
Trying to figure out
How she do that?
Listen baby girl
Let me teach you
Let me show you

Monday, March 28, 2016

Confidence #1 - False Confidence ft: Mz-AM & Mary K. Bella

First let’s start this off with the fake shit before we can converse about the real shit
Therefore you can discern about what real shit is-


So is it me or is it you,
Are you mad because I can do what I do
Or are you mad because you can't do what you do
Thus what I can do.
So please tell me how,
The problem isn’t you but it’s me? See that’s what I call false confidence
See that’s why I call false truth

So let me tell you why it’s you and not me.
I’ve already eaten the fruit of that unfortunate and painful tree
What that means is, you should place all your stock and beliefs into me.
YOU need to handle YOU accordingly
And by that I mean according to me
I place so much value into myself that reality is beneath me
And although you only asked for advice, and a shoulder to lean
You’re actually in a place where you need me to diagnose and treat thee